Welcome. The humanities teach us that learning is a lifelong endeavor. In addition to our classes for high school students, Humanities in the City hosts a variety of public events for learners of all ages. Together, we deepen our knowledge in dialogue with others and explore the many ways humanistic inquiry can shape public life.

What are the humanities? The humanities are a conversation that invites us into critical and imaginative thinking, collaborative knowledge-making, and reflection on the relationships between individual and social worlds. It is an interdisciplinary field of study that includes philosophy, art, literature, languages, history, politics, and critical theory and praxis. By bringing different subjects together, we are able to ask questions from multiple points of view. Humanities in the City is dedicated to expanding traditional ideas about who authors the humanities and where humanities happen.

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As an organization, Humanities in the City builds relationships across organizations, institutions, community and arts spaces, and educator roles. By teaching in diverse settings, we seek to strengthen the relationship between schools and public libraries, and between higher education, high school, community education organizations, and cultural spaces in order to best serve Los Angeles students.

Our community partners are the Edendale Branch Library, Poetic Research Bureau, California State University, Los Angeles English Department, Women’s Center for Creative Work, and Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA).

We recognize that Los Angeles is located on unceded Tongva, Chumash, and Kizh land. We reject the culture and practice of settler colonialism, and support the ongoing struggle against the erasure of the Tongva, Chumash and Kizh people. We acknowledge the history of and ongoing struggle against settler colonialist education systems and practices. We reject those systems and practices and struggle against them.