Humanities in the City held its first class in January 2019. Motivated by relationships with students and teachers in Los Angeles schools, Andrea Quaid and Elizabeth Crawford held a 10-week class at the Immanuel Presbyterian Church in Koreatown. 15 high school participants from different public schools met weekly to read, write and think critically across the humanities. We hosted guest visitors and went on field trips. After the final class, we held a celebratory event and invited parents, guardians, friends and teachers to hear student work. It was a joyous event. Attendees shared food and conversation before the presentation, and students read their individually and collaboratively written work generated during the humanities class.


“The value of knowledge is unmeasurable. Also sharing that knowledge because if you just have it stored there’s no opening of dialogue, no true purpose. I think through the humanities there's newfound explanations, ideas and openings to new conversations that might lead to change.” Ashley, student

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